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Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade
  • Matte Pomade is an all-rounder, formulated to give a medium hold with a natural matte finish.
  • Ideal for any hair style, hair type and length.
  • Matte Pomade has been designed to create a broad range of styles, both classic and modern.
  • It really packs a punch once applied to your hair giving grip and hold to assist in achieving a great look that lasts.
  • Water soluble, so it can be washed out with ease. With a smell so good you’ll almost want to eat it, this versatile product is a must have in your styling range.
Bestseller Nr. 3
Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 100 ml – Verpackung kann variieren | exklusiv
  • Starker Halt ohne Steifigkeit
  • Mittlerer bis hoher Glanz, der nicht austrocknet.
  • Perfekt zum Kontrollieren und Definieren von Pomps, Seitenteilen und Slickbacks.
  • Für alle Haartypen mittlerer Länge geeignet
  • Wasserlöslich – lässt sich ohne Probleme auswaschen.
Bestseller Nr. 4
Uppercut Deluxe Beard Balm 100ml
  • With just the right amount of control and shine, Uppercut Deluxe Beard Balm will keep your beard shaped and controlled, reducing those annoying flyaways.
  • Great for all bearded guys, to keep even the most manly of men in shape. Ideal for medium and long beards.
  • Keeping an epic beard in shape is no easy task and a great beard doesn’t just happen. Our Beard Balm makes that possible.
  • The non-oily moisturizer keeps the beard well conditioned and the slight hold allows for controlled styling so you don’t have to choose between looking good and taking care of the health of your...
  • No one likes a shiny, greasy beard and this water based balm avoids that. The best bit – your beard will be left feeling nourished, soft and touchable.
Bestseller Nr. 5
Uppercut Deluxe Stylng Powder 20g
  • Styling Powder adds volume and texture with a natural finish.
  • Suitable for guys with any hair type, best used in short - medium hair. Excels in thinner or finer hair.
  • Adds volume, texture and a natural shine to any degree you desire, whether it’s a little or a lot.
  • Has a flexible hold - apply more Powder, for more hold, which makes it perfect for modern, textured styles like crops, messy quiffs and everyday cuts.
  • This reworkable product is remarkably versatile and easy to use, from adding volume to thin hair to creating texture to relaxed styles - it's almost too easy.
Bestseller Nr. 6
Uppercut Deluxe - Easy Hold 90g
  • A water based product, Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold is lightweight with a natural, matte finish.
  • It’s the ideal go-to solution for men who want fuss-free styling. Suitable for any hair type or length
  • Designed to give texture, volume and light control with a soft finish and no visible sign of product.
  • Weightless and practically invisible, it’s perfect for loose, textured styles where a natural finish is desired.
  • The creamy base glides into the hair and sets into a natural weightless style, without effort.
Bestseller Nr. 7
Uppercut Herren-Haarbürste „Deluxe Quiff Roller“, rund, klein
  • A high quality, small, round brush with ball tipped bristles designed to add life and volume.
  • For guys whose hair style needs more volume.
  • Precision design – Perfectly sized and wall tipped bristles spaced for air circulation prevent pulling. Rubber non-slip grip for easier glide and better control.
  • The perfect lift-off brush for more height in your quiff, more lift in your pomp and more air in your hair.
  • The perfect accessory for men's hair styling when all you need is a bit more height!
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Bestseller Nr. 9
Uppercut Matt Clay Pomade 70 g
  • A wax based product with flexible hold and low shine, Matte Clay is completely reworkable and won’t come out with water, which makes it perfect for active guy.
  • Matte Clay was designed for guys on the run that like to rework their style throughout the day.
  • Matte styling clay is best used to create shorter, textured looks where control is required.
  • Grips and effortlessly shapes just about any style with a dry finish.
  • Short messy styles are the new modern classic and our Matte Clay will deliver those rough, textured, looking styles.
Bestseller Nr. 10
Uppercut Featherweight 70g
  • Uppercut Featherweight Pliable Paste 2.5 oz
  • 2.5 oz.

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